The new way to own an electric scooter.

Looking to buy a new scooter but confused about switching to electric? With Hop+ subscription program, we have made it easier for your to buy and own an electric scooter.

Now, you can buy an electric scooter at 40% lesser cost. Just pay for the scooter. No need to buy batteries.

Batteries are provided at a fixed monthly subscription amount. Hop+ plans are designed as per use case. Starting as low as Rs 849 per month, you pay less than Re 1/km.

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Benefits of Hop+ subscription program.

upto 40% lower upfrontcost

Pay only for the scooter upfront and save up to 40%* on initial cost. Cheaper than petrol scooters, it costs less than Re 1/KM to ride.

Smart Li-ion Battery

Get access to latest generation of battery technology. We keep improving our batteries so you get best in class range and safety.

Access Hop Energy Network

Swap & Go in less than a minute at the nearest swapping station. Get unlimited swaps with Hop+ subscription program.

Fast Home Charger

Do a quick top up charging at home, or any power plug. It takes less than 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

Energy Credit Cash-back

Get up to 20 P/km energy credits cash-back for power consumed due to charging. Yes, more you drive higher is the cash back.

Choose your plan.

< 600km
> 1600km

₹ 849 / per month

600 Kms.

Upto 120 monthly energy credits.

10 free battery swaps.

₹999 / per month

900 Kms.

Upto 180 monthly energy credits.

15 free battery swaps.

₹1099 / per month

1250 Kms.

Upto 250 monthly energy credits.

25 free battery swaps.

₹1199 / per month

1600 Kms.

Upto 320 monthly energy credits.

unlimited battery swaps.